This is really going to happen

Yes, this is going to happen. 

Things have been quiet as far as Trans*Code publicity has gone, but that’s not because nothing has been  happening. In fact several things have been happening that have brought Trans*Code from the fond idea stage to the look out this is happening stage.


First of all, thanks to the work of TransTech Social Enterprises, we have our new logo, which graces this page. TransTech is based in Chicago and is the result of the vision and hard work of Angelica Ross. Their aim is to train trans people, particularly trans women of color, in web development and graphic arts.

The beauty of the program is that while they learn the TransTech interns work on projects for the public. The cost to the public is much lower than conventional commercial service, the students get paid and build a portfolio, and everyone comes out ahead. 

So we are thrilled and proud that our logo was designed by TransTech, and I can testify to the skill and professionalism they brought to the task. Get in touch with them at


We have also gotten a key founding sponsor on board. GitHub has agreed to provide a substantial part of the funding we need, as well as their expertise, some free accounts, and other swag. Given the role that GitHub plays in the open source world, we couldn’t have picked a better founding sponsor.

We are also close to securing the balance of the funding we need, and I hope to announce that in the next couple of weeks. It has been very gratifying to find that there is considerable interest amongst tech companies in sponsoring an event like Trans*Code. This bodes well for the future.


Yes, we have picked the date! We will have our install and social time on Friday, 27 March, and the hackday will follow on Saturday, 28 March, so mark your calendars! 


The first Trans*Code will definitely be in London, and we hope to confirm the venue with in the next couple of weeks. We are close to getting this done, and will announce that when we do. 

Social Media. 

Our Twitter handle is @trans_code and our hashtag will be #trans_code. We also have a Facebook event page at Please share with anyone and everyone.


On Saturday, we are planning to offer a brief tutorial workshop for those new to hacking. This will cover the various ways one can contribute as well as some common software tools, and touch of the Python language. While it won’t take you from total newbie to expert it will help people new to the tech world understand and contribute to the projects.

What else?

We hope to be able to offer some aid for travel and lodging to those from the UK who wouldn’t be able to come otherwise. It will take us a little while to get that sorted, but if you are afraid you might not be able to come, please get in touch with Naomi, so that we know better what the needs are.

We also need you!

What remains is to get the word out and bring together a diverse collection of trans, non-binary, allies, coders, designers, visionaries, and newbies who just want to participate. If you’re wondering if Trans*Code is for you, then the answer is “yes!” 

If you have an idea, can code, can design, want to learn, or want to improve the situation of the trans and non-binary communities through technology, please come join us. We’ll also need mentors and volunteers, so if you would be more comfortable with that, come along. And yes, allies will be welcome! 

But we need everyone to help spread the word. Trans people can be somewhat isolated, so we need everyone boosting our signal to every channel to reach everyone who might be interested.

Please feel to share this blog freely and direct people to our Facebook page and Twitter account. 

It’s going to be amazing.

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