Trans*code aims to help draw attention to transgender issues through a topic focused hackday while introductory programming workshops allow for participation from community members not currently working in technology. Participants from all skill levels are welcome.


Trans*Code Hackday returns to London!

Announcing the return to London of Trans*Code – the UK’s only hack event series focused solely on drawing attention to transgender issues and opportunities.

What: Trans*Code

Open to trans and non-binary folk, allies, coders, designers and visionaries of all sorts, Trans*Code is a groundbreaking  event that aims to help draw attention to transgender issues through a topic-focused hackday. Supported by introductory programming workshops, community members not currently working in technology are also encouraged to participate.

When: Trans*Code

Saturday, 23 April, 2016.


Angel House, 3rd floor
338-346 Goswell Road
London EC1V 7LQ


Co-organiser Naomi Ceder explains: “As technology offers growing opportunities, being sure these opportunities are equally accessible to traditionally marginalised groups grows ever more important.

“Trans*Code participants can come from any background, working together to create prototypes around the themes of transgender issues and access to technology.

“So if you have an idea, can code, can design, want to learn, or want to improve the situation of the trans and non-binary communities through technology, please join us and help make history.”

Registration: via Eventbrite



GoCardless – Venue Sponsor

Org Partners - thanks to the following organisations for their support:

  • Gendered Intelligence
  • InterTech LGBT
  • PyLadies


Naomi Ceder –


Twitter: @trans_code, #trans_code

Code of Conduct

Because trans and non-binary people already experience unique forms of discrimination, it is important to us that our event be not only safe and harassment free, but a positive and affirming space for everyone involved.

We honor all gender identities, races, sexualities, body types, economic backgrounds, abilities, religious beliefs and overall ways of human being, as we believe that diversity of experiences is key to successful collaborations.

Our full code of conduct can be found here

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    1. Hi,

      We’ve had some other interest from your area as well. Stay tuned (here or on Twitter) for an announcement of an event that would at least meet you half way. Thanks for your interest!

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